Book+ Club

In response to the network’s continued desire to engage in diversity, equity and inclusion work and in lieu of formal training as we plan the 2023 Western Region Conference, we are hosting a book/multimedia club for Oregon affiliates starting in November of 2022.

Leave your email behind for 90 minutes, bring your favorite beverage and snacks, and join us in community as we read and learn together!

To celebrate Heather McGhee’s keynote address at the 2023 conference, we’ll read her book, “The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together.”


  • We will introduce Book+ Club with a TED Talk Watch Party on Oct. 6 (register here). The club officially launches with 2 chapters in November.
  • The full schedule is listed below. We’ll cover 1-2 chapters each month.
  • You can read the book chapter-by-chapter or pick and choose from alternative videos and articles. Join us for any session that you find interesting. In addition to the assigned chapters, we will provide alternative options — such as videos, articles and/or podcasts — for you to engage with the topics at hand. Participate at whatever level feels comfortable, even if you can’t commit to reading the whole book.
  • Please register for each session that you wish to attend (click on the dates below). This will help us plan accordingly. Each session will be held from 3:30 to 5 p.m.
  • Have fun!



Date Chapter(s) Topic(s) covered Alternative options TBA
Oct. 6 TED Talk Watch party; Book club details None — Join us to watch the TED Talk together! Participants will have the chance to win a copy of “The Sum of Us”
Nov. 3 Introduction and Chapter 1 Zero-sum paradigm (your loss is my gain) versus cross-racial solidarity
Dec. 1 Chapters 2-3 Lack of public investment in services; Education and health care
Jan. 12 Chapters 4-5 Homeownership; Unions
Feb. 2 Chapters 6-7 Voting rights; Segregation
March 2 Chapters 8-9 Climate change; White supremacy culture
No Book Club during April — Hear Heather McGhee live and in-person at the Western Region Conference on April 26-28, 2023!
May 11 Chapter 10 and Keynote Recap Conclusion; Keynote recap

Where to purchase the book:



  • Who’s the Book+ Club for? Anyone! Affiliate staff, Habitat board members and/or homeowners alike.
  • Do I have to read the whole book or commit to every session? Nope! Join us for however many sessions you’d like. We’ll provide alternative options, such as videos, articles and/or podcasts, for folks who want to engage but can’t commit to reading the whole book.
  • What will the monthly sessions be like? Facilitator Megan Parrott will open each session with a quick ice-breaker, then provide a few discussion questions. Depending on how many people show up, we’ll divvy up into breakout rooms. We’ll keep it light; there’s no pressure to know all the facts or have all the answers — we want everyone to feel comfortable participating.
  • Where can I purchase the book? See above 🙂
  • How do I join the sessions? Please register by clicking on the date(s) above. You’ll receive confirmation email from Zoom that contains a calendar link and the link to join the meeting.
  • What are the alternative options? We’ll provide links to videos, articles and/or podcasts for each month of the Book+ Club. To be published soon!
  • Question not answered? Email Megan Parrott