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2019 Legislative Priorities


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1. New LIFT Allocation (HB 5005): In today’s (June 25) Joint Ways and Means Committee, the group approved a new $150 million allocation for LIFT. This amount is up from $80 million last biennium. HB 5005 will soon go for a House vote. Final passage is dependent upon a Senate quorum.

2. Increase the EITC (Now HB 2164): HB 2164 includes renewal of Oregon’s EITC and a 1% increase. This represents an increase from 8% to 9% of the federal credit for all eligible households, with an extra boost to 12% for households with children under age 3. HB 2164 was approved on the House floor by a wide margin and now awaits a Senate vote.


3. Increase Oregon IDA (Now HB 2164): The most recent version of HB 2164, the Tax Expenditures package passed by the House, includes an important tax credit formula adjustment that will help to keep the program viable in the context of newly passed federal corporate tax laws. This program is fully funded through 2020 and advocates anticipate returning during the short session to renew and increase the tax credit.


4. Healthy Homes (HB 2802): This bill has not advanced and will not receive funding this session. Our Healthy Homes coalition with Community Action Agencies has attracted broader interest and is working to identify future legislative champions.


5. Oregon MID Reform: This bill will not move in 2019. The MID coalition’s lead agency, Oregon Center for Public Policy, recently received an advocacy grant from Meyer Memorial Trust that will help to fund polling on this key initiative.


6. Addressing the Missing Middle (HB 2001): This bill passed the House now awaits a Senate vote, pending quorum.


7. Renters’ Protections (SB 608): Passed.


8. Receivership Technical Fix (HB 2285): Passed.